Glass Leadership Institute
The Glass Leadership Institute (GLI) is intended to introduce leaders to the important work of the ADL and the full range of issues on the ADL agenda. The purpose of GLI is to build a base of leaders who, being knowledgeable about the organization’s work and committed to ensuring the vitality of the organization, can be effective advocates on behalf of the organization in the community. GLI participants will be presented with the knowledge and skills to effectively confront and combat anti-Semitism and all forms of hatred.
  • Successful ADL leaders share three common characteristics:
  • They have a broad understanding of ADL and commitment to its mission
  • They possess a willingness to make an impact and contribution to the organization, and
  • They are consistent and meaningful supporters of the organization and its programs
GLI participants will learn about ADL’s resources and programs in the following areas:
  • Anti-Semitism: Local, Regional, National & Global Incidents and how ADL Responds
  • Church/State Issues: Faith-Based Initiatives, Religion in Public Schools, and More
  • Creating Anti-Bias Schools, Workplaces & Communities
  • Hate Groups & Extremism –Law Enforcement Resources, Support & Training
  • Security Awareness for Jewish Institutions
  • Fundraising and its role in the ADL
To apply: Read through the GLI expectations and responsibilities, view the 2013-2014 GLI event calendar and the fill out the GLI 2013-14 application form. You can submit the application to ADL FL Associate Regional Director Lonny Wilk at or by fax to 561-989-0712.