The Anti-Defamation League is now accepting nominations and applications for the 2016-17 class of the Glass Leadership Institute (GLI). GLI is a ten-month prestigious leadership development program designed to educate and engage professionals about the crucial work of ADL. It is designed to empower participants to become the ADL’s next generation of leaders. ADL Florida’s GLI group meets in Boca Raton beginning in late September 2016.

Participants attend monthly sessions from September – June that explore matters on the forefront of the ADL’s agenda, including:

  • ADL & Law Enforcement: A 2-Way Partnership
  • International Affairs & Israel Advocacy: Affecting Change Around the World
  • Preventing and Countering Prejudice in Schools
  • ADL Policy and Advocacy: Our Individual and Collective Voices
  • ADL and the Law: Strengthening Civil Rights While Combating Extremism

Participants are also expected to attend the Glass National Leadership Conference, held in Washington DC in May. 

To apply:

Read through the 2016-2017 GLI Florida Expectations & Responsibilities, view the GLI 2016-2017 Calendar, and the fill out the 2016-2017 GLI Florida Application. The application can be submitted online, or sent to ADL FL Associate Regional Director Eric Ross at, or by fax to 561-989-0712.