The Florida Region is proud to offer meaningful leadership opportunities for every generation. As a leader, you will be united with fellow ambassadors committed to the mission of ADL.

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Our Leadership opportunities and structure include:

Regional Board
The Florida Regional Board is the leading decision making body setting the vision and goals to raise support for and awareness of ADL in Florida. New Board Members are nominated and inducted at our annual meeting. To learn more about the requirements to become a member of the ADL Florida Regional Board, please contact us.

Executive Committee
The Florida Executive Committee is composed of a cross-section of the leadership of the Regional Board. The Executive Committee provides guidance to the staff and Regional Board on decisions relating to operations, programs, and strategic planning.

Glass Leadership Institute (GLI)
GLI, which begins in October 2013 and runs through June 2014, entails sessions geared around the substantive issues on ADL’s agenda. It avails participants of learning about the various areas of focus of ADL, and lets the participants focus on their niche. We recruit and invest in individuals who are passionate about the ADL mission. Learn how you can get involved with GLI.

Civil Rights Committees
Florida has two Civil Rights Committees – one that meets in Boca Raton, and one that meets in Miami. Their responsibilities include matters relating to anti-Semitism, religious and racial discriminatory practices, civil liberties, and church-state separation, among other matters. Contact us about applying to join one of the Civil Rights Committees.

Law Enforcement Committee
The Law Enforcement Committee expands and strengthens the relationship between ADL and the law enforcement community in Florida, as ADL continues to serve as a resource to law enforcement through information, materials and trainings in the fight against hate crimes, extremism and terrorism. Learn about applying to the Law Enforcement Committee.

Education Committee
The ADL Florida Education Committee markets, outreaches, fundraises, and implements ADL’s A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE® Institute and No Place for Hate® initiative. Learn about applying to join the Education Committee.

Professional Advisory Committee
The Professional Advisory Committee assists in educating interested professionals and their clients about the importance of ADL its mission; assists in educating interested professionals from various disciplines about planned giving vehicles and developments within the field; encourages planned charitable giving by highlighting the increased effectiveness of such gifts and their utility to the donor; and facilitates networking, professional development and resource sharing among interested individuals through seminars, workshops and meetings.