ADL gratefully acknowledges its Florida Corporate Partners who stand with us to build diversity and to create No Place for Hate® communities.

Over four hundred leaders of South Florida’s corporate, political, and diplomatic communities gather at the 2014 Jurisprudence Award Luncheon at the Hilton Miami Downtown.

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Florida is a vibrant mix of cultures, races, religions and ethnic groups. By co-branding with ADL, organizations clearly demonstrate their commitment to diversity and mutual respect. These differences enhance our community’s strength, beauty and collective wisdom. Together, we all weave the fabric of our pluralistic Sunshine State.

Please join us as a Florida Corporate Partner to help support and sustain our comprehensive nationally recognized programs. Become a leader in the battle to promote diversity and to combat bullying, hatred, and bigotry.

To learn about how your organization can become a Corporate Partner or for more information about the full array of benefits available, please call 561-988-2944 or lmilstein@adl.org.

Imagine what we could accomplish together.